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We have been searching for the best taxidermist available for our collection. While displaying our Whitetails we always seemed to be a step behind some of the mounts we witnessed at Trade Shows. Our search led us to Mid-State Taxidermy. We have never looked back or any farther. We are satisfied that we will not be taking a back seat to no one in the mounting of our Whitetails. We have reached our goal to have the finest mounts now available for display. Thank you Justin and Mid-State Taxidermy for the beautiful and life like mounting you have completed for us. Also for the extra time you have taken in shipping our mounts. We have not had any damage to any mounts coming to us. THANK YOU JUSTIN FOR PUTTING OUR MOUNTS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!


Justin, Just wanted to write you and say thanks for the great job. You did an awesome job with my buck and I appreciate it. Hopefully I will have another one for you next year! Take care,

Dave Chritz,

Midland, MI


Justin, I want to start by expressing how truly happy I am with these mounts, they are outstanding and perfect in every detail. I also wanted to make a special point in that it is very apparent on how much pride you take in the gift God has given you both with your hands and the nature in how you work with People ask us “why we pay the extra shipping costs to have our mounts shipped from Michigan to Pennsylvania when we can have our collection of Whitetails mounted right here in Pennsylvania” Yes there are plenty of Taxidermist here in PA. Some only miles from our home. But we have made it a priority to have the best work available for our whitetails. And Justin has accomplished this for us. Mid-State has given us the quality workmanship we have been searching for. We will continue to send our Whitetails to Justin in the future allowing us to display our collection with the highest quality and detail while taking a back seat to no one in the industry.




WOW! I’m very impressed. I’ve seen a lot of stuff, dealt with
many taxidermists, attended many shows. There are a lot of good taxidermists out there, and few really great artists. I’d say you are one of them!
Thanks for sharing with us.

Bob Wendt


Good Dealings with Mid-State Taxidermy. Just received a Sitka Blacktail Cape and antlers from Justin Pohl in Midland, MI. Good transaction, fast shipment, and good looking cape.

Thanks Justin!


Northwind Wildlife Creations


I was overwhelmed when I first laid eyes on this elk. This is the
second one Justin did for me. The first one was mounted bugling, so Justin suggested I have a pedestal mount done. I was a little hesitant at first as pedestal mounts I've seen weren’t stunning. This one was. Attention to detail is phenomenal. Everyone who sees this comments on its beauty and Justin's other mounts as well. Many, many thanks, Justin. You have cultivated a loyal customer with the several mounts you've done for me.

Mike Weiss, Reese, MI


Justin: Your mounting of my large pike is outstanding. The colors on the body, fins and gills are as realistic as they can be. There are no broken or bent fins. A slight gouge on the back was repaired so that it is not noticeable and the curvature of the body is just right. The backdrop of wide, thin slabs of driftwood and several clusters of sprigs of greens is a far more realistic setting than the normal plaques. A short rod tip, extending up from the back of the driftwood, connected by line to the lure in the pike's mouth adds to the realism. All of my friends and family that have seen my mount think it is awesome. The bottom line is that I have a mount that is far better than others I have seen that were in the same price range and essentially equal in quality to ones that were double the price.
Thanks for realistically preserving a memory of a great day fishing.

Edwin Wittbrodt

Auburn, MI


Justin does tremendous work, he mounted my 2006 badger and a bobcat and the end result was nothing short of stunning. I’ve had countless people stop by and see the mounts and the comments are always the same: “those mounts are awesome! Some of the best I’ve ever seen!”. Do yourself, a favor and look no further than Mid-State Taxidermy!

Corey Lasley,

Westland, MI


Justin, just want to express the shear joy I experienced when I
walk in your showroom and saw my wolf mounts for the first time.


You are truly a wildlife artisan in every sense of the word. Your detail and quality to your work rank you up in the top of your field and I feel truly fortunate to have made your acquaintance!

Thanks sincerely,
Timothy Chicago, Illinois

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